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Massage Service

Sweet Serenity

After a long day, a stressful week or even if your dog ate your shoe…this is a massage for clearing the mind and unwinding your soul. Long soothing strokes with just enough pressure to ease you into relaxation and out of everyday stress.


$75 for 55 minutes

$110 for 85 minutes

Couples Escape Massage

Escape with someone special and experience an amazing couples massage and the rich history of “The Vault” in McKay Tower. Candlelight, top quality linens, soft music playing in the background while our therapists work their magic…this is truly a special experience!


$170 for 55 minutes
$250 85 minutes

Oh Mama!

If you are a soon-to-be mom, your back, legs, and feet could use some attention! While you lay on your side supported by a million (ok, maybe not a million…but a lot!) pillows, we will soothe your tired muscles and increase circulation in your legs. Reduce anxiety, improve your sleep, and relax your achy muscles.

*Women should ALWAYS discuss massage with their doctor or pre-natal care provider prior to scheduling an appointment.


$80 for 55 minutes

Go Deep!

Sometimes you just need deep tissue work. Really. You know it’s true. The key to successful deep tissue work is to warm the tissue properly and gently to get the muscle fibers to relax, allowing the therapist to get in deeper as the tissue allows without causing pain. Deep Tissue is a perfect massage to add to your custom treatment, as some areas will be tighter and denser than others. Proper pressure will be established based on your needs and your communication with your Therapist.


$80 for 55 Min
$115 for 85 Min

Let’s Get Specific! (Medical Massage)

“Let’s Get Specific” is our approach to Medical Massage Therapy. Therapists have specifically studied and mastered the process of increasing circulation to specific muscle groups and joint complexes. We will develop a client-centered treatment plan to help reduce chronic pain. A variety of methods and modalities will be used based on your chief complaint.

Want to know more about Medical Massage? Check out: What is a Medical Massage?  and learn more.


$60 for 45 minutes
$80 for 55 minutes

Hands On – Each Other (Couples Massage)

Connect with your special someone through an instructive, interactive massage lesson. Learn, experience, & practice professional massage techniques taught by our therapists in a quiet, serene environment.
Customize your couples massage session to fit your needs – spoil your partner with a full session of massage & instruction or divide the time between the two of you.

Couples massage vary from 55 min. to 90 mins. Indicate desired duration when booking or consult with therapist for specifics. 


Varies – Contact Us.


CBD Oil:  Add $15 
What is CBD oil? Learn More >

Aromatherapy Session: Add $10

Mindfulness & Movement Options

In addition to our massage services, we offer sessions to increase your whole body-mind fitness, develop a deeper level of mindfulness, and increase your overall well-being.
See our list of services below.


Body-Mind Fitness: Introductory Package

Designed to compliment massage by teaching the basics of sound body mechanics, posture, and teach correct form for exercise. Taught by our Movement Specialist, Nelly Jones. Includes FREE 30 minute evaluation session.


5 – one hour sessions for $250
5 – half hour sessions for $150

Body-Mind Fitness: Extended Package

This package is designed to go further in depth than the Introductory package. Clients will walk away feeling confident in continuing life long exercise on their own with reduced risk of injury. Taught by our Movement Specialist, Nelly Jones. Includes FREE 30 minutes evaluation session. 


10  – one hour sessions for $500
10 –  half hour sessions for $300

Reiki Session

Reiki is Japanese in origin, and is a simple, but effective, technique for transferring healing energy from giver to receiver.  Given by our Reiki Practitioner, John Shipman. 

Want to know more about Reiki? Check out: What is a Reiki Session?
and learn more.


$40 for 30 minutes

Massage Service

Mindfulness Integrated Strength Training

(Available as 1-1 or as a small group training)
Utilizes the powerful combination of mindfulness (breathing and intentional movement) and full body exercises to enhance each session, and propel the client toward their goal more quickly with less chance of injury. Each unique program will focus on body awareness while training the core muscles with the entire body to engage one dynamic system. Any one training toward any physical goal ( running a marathon, being able to climb a flight of stairs, or whatever it might be) will benefit from this type of training. Led by our Movement Specialist, Nelly Jones.


$60 for 60 minutes
$35 for 30 minutes

Corrective Postural Training

(Available as 1-1 or as a small group training)
Sessions will be focused on re-training the muscles involved in posture, including the core, glutes, and diaphragm.  Clients who experience neck or shoulder, or back pain, have tight pecs, or who sit for long periods of the day will benefit from this training. Led by our Movement Specialist, Nelly Jones.


$60 for 60 minutes
$35 for 30 minutes

We’ve Got Your Back: Special Discounts

Westside Massage offers a 10% discount to all:

First Responders
Senior Citizens

(proper identification may be required).

Cancellation Policy

No-shows and untimely cancellations leave gaps in our schedules that cannot be filled from our cancellation list, which in turn results in a loss of revenue for us and adversely affects our dedicated massage therapists.  In order to avoid this issue, we must have 24 hours notice for cancellations or no-shows.

If this happens, you will not be able to receive another service until you pay for the scheduled service cancelled or the no-show. Thank you for your understanding.