John L. Shipman

Operations Manager – “The Go-To”
Licensed Medical/Manual Therapist

I grew up in Warsaw IN. Being the son of a Minister and a Nurse, the worlds of healing and hospitality were a part of my everyday life. Watching my mom and dad work to help better the lives of those around them not only inspired me to do the same, but to make a special effort to help those who help others in our community.

Following this path, the act of healing through touch came naturally. Rubbing my mom’s feet when she would get home from work was one way I knew I could help. It always amazed me how a little time and touch helped her not only feel better, but sleep better also. As I grew, this gentle passion grew too, and eventually led me here to Grand Rapids MI and the Blue Heron Academy where I learned how to hone my instincts and talents into the therapist I am today.

Working together with my clients, my goals are to help every “body” onto a path of healing, less pain and better mobility. To help do this, I am always continuing my education and looking for new techniques I can use to create the path of least resistance to your health goals. To me, this is what healing is about. Using the skills and talents we have to help one another.

Specializing in:

Medical Massage
Reiki Practitioner 1 and 2
Deep Tissue Massage
Relaxation Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Pre/Post Natal Massage